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Screen printing is the most popular form of printing on apparel. When done well, colors will be vibrant and crisp, offering a comfortable and long-lasting decoration for your garment Since the early 90’s Frisco Sports Center has been providing affordable, high quality screen printing services to schools, sports leagues, athletic teams, PTA’s, Booster Clubs, businesses, and anybody else needing custom screenprinted apparel.

To ensure we meet and exceed your expectations of quality, all of our screen printing is done in house using only state-of-the-art M&R automatic and manual screenprinting equipment manufactured here in the United States. We have several points of quality control in place, and each garment is hand checked to ensure the all of our printed garments meet the highest standards.

At Frisco Sports Center, we cut no corners when it comes to using only the best and most reliable products on the market. While many other printers take adavantage of unknowing customers and increase their profits using low quality inks that will peel, crack and fade, Frisco Sports Center uses primarily One Stroke and Rutland Inks, two of the industry leaders in quality and reliability. When trusting Frisco Sports Center with your screen printing job, you can rest assured knowing that we stand behind our product and our prints are vibrant, sharp and guaranteed to last.

Frisco Sports Center

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